A 12-night, 12-venue celebration of the vibrant and mighty Twin Cities (and beyond!) performance community. Artists from an array of disciplines coming together to cross-pollenate our audiences and expand their minds. The potential for new collaboration amplifies algorhythmically. It’s not just art, it’s math.

But, what is it?

It’s a festival. It’s a tour that never leaves town. It’s a TourFest. It’s a dozen shows that feature music from metal to jazz to erotic bluegrass, storytelling of the memoir-type and for the kids, standup and improvisational comedy, poetry… It’s a love note to our towns. It’s a way for Courtney & Zach to get on stage with loads of our favorite local artists and entertain the heck out of you for almost two weeks straight.

Who will be performing with you on these shows, Courtney and Zach?

Great question! Here’s a list of confirmed artists… so far:

This list is growing everyday! So, check back often, yo!

Where are these shows going to happen, Zach and Courtney?

Great question! Here is a list of the venues who’ve agreed to be a part of the festival.

When will this festival occur, Courtney and Zach?

Great question! The festival will start December 4th at the Bryant Lake Bowl and conclude December 15th at Amsterdam Bar and Hall.

Exact dates and times and lineups are HERE!


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