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Good News and Bad News…

Welp, we didn’t get funded. Hey, it was a lofty goal in a crazy short amount of time. Zach and I were emotionally prepared for this (this update is a few hours late because we just spent those hours crying into our pillows. jk!). 


Thanks for throwing your support our way and we know there would have been more of you if we had more time. 

THE GOOD NEWS IS we are still doing the TourFest! We still have all the venues booked and we know there’s a great handful of the artists who are still down to perform. So come on out! Here’s the schedule (though this is subject to change now due to KS non-funding); we’ll remind you to check back if there are any changes. And here’s the Facebook Invite to the TourFest if you want to pledge your allegiance via your promised presence! 

Thanks again to everyone for backing or sharing our Kickstarter. And for those of you that didn’t get a chance to… we’ll see you at the TourFest!!  

Stay tuned for more updates!


Court & Zach


FINAL 24 HOURS of Kickstarter!

Hey there friends!

We are about to enter our final 24 hours of our Kickstarter campaign and we’re still not halfway there. But we’re not giving up! Please back the TourFest! 


Kickstarter is LIVE!

Okay, friends, the Kickstarter is LIVE! We have 12 days to raise $5000. Can we do it? Public radio stations do it all the time and they’re not HALF as awesome as this TourFest is gonna be.  Here is the Kickstarter page… Get to backin’ us! Thank you!

CZ FB Cover

Kickstarter Video!

Our Kickstarter is about to launch (Tomorrow? Thursday? We’re waiting on the good folks at KS to approve our project), but you can watch the video now and over and over again!